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VMC hold their 3rd Ramadan Iftar 2019

16 May 2019

VMC held their 3rd annual Iftar event to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan at El-Manzil restaurant, in the historic neighbourhood of Korba in Heliopolis, East Cairo.

Iftar represents the daily "breaking of the fast" of observing Muslims, and has culturally become a family and social tradition to gather friends over the same dinner table.

Not only was the outdoor space cozy and well-lit, but the glorious weather added an early summer breeze to the smokers at VMC - the tradition being smoking the Arabian "Sheesha" (water pipe).

After the four-course meal, the VMC team gathered for their group photo under the landmark tree, centred in the courtyard of Al-Manzil.


Looking forward to many more social events, meals and more glorious weather!

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