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Our Project Portfolio → Industrial and Manufacturing Sector


Canal Sugar Beet Factory

Minya Desert

Canal Sugar have embarked on the largest agricultural project built in Egypt since 1952, aimed at reclaiming and cultivating 181,000 acres (~790 km²) of desert land to produce 900,000 tonnes of premium white sugar.

With a total investment of USD 1BN, the project comprises the main factory...


District Cooling Plant (21,000 TR)

Cairo Festival City, New Cairo

The District Cooling Plant at Cairo Festival City serves the entire development with chilled water to the various buildings and facilities. VMC were appointed in the first extension phase and following our success in agreeing and settling the final account, were awarded the cost management of the extension works to Phase 1...

Screenshot 2021-02-27 111038.png

Mansour Automotive 3S Facility

Tanta, Nile Delta

Mansour Automotive, a subsidiary of the Mansour Group of Companies, is one of Egypt’s leading vehicle enterprises since the early 1970’s. With brands such as GM, Chevrolet, Peugeot and Opel, among others, Mansour Automotive has managed to penetrate the Middle Eastern and African markets. This 3S Facility...

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