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VMC celebrate the company's 3rd birthday with a day of Adventure

20 April 2019

VMC celebrated their milestone 3rd birthday with an exciting day at Adrenalin Park, Giza, where the team and another enjoyed a sunny day filled with paint-balling and water-cannon fighting. 

The first part of the event was paint-ball fighting with a series of assignments where two teams battled to capture a the rival team's flag by conquering the other team's ground, and another battle where each team would attempt to invade the central castle and hold on to a flag for five minutes.


While the event capitalised on the team-building skills of all our paint-ball warriors, the day was enjoyable as all the staff decided to vent out their year's energy into paint-balling their fellow colleagues, especially their managers!


The second part of the event was a soaking-wet, water-cannon fighting contest - after a few minutes everyone was drenched wet, and then decided that the best game to play with water pistols was with "no rules"! 


After having lunch (and changing into dry clothes), the event celebration was topped with our specially-made cake...

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